APR score official, UConn ban in place

The UConn men’s basketball team’s postseason ban for 2013 is somewhat official now.

The NCAA released the APR data Wednesday afternoon and revealed the Huskies have a four-year average of 889.

That makes UConn officially (barring a last-minute change by the NCAA’s Committee on Academic Performance that we all know isn’t coming) out of the 2013 NCAA Tournament, Big East tournament, NIT, CBI, CIT or any other postseason acronym you can think of.

FYI, the women’s basketball team at UConn had a four-year average of 990 and the football team a 963 (its second-best ever).

UConn Athletic Director Warde Manuel was in Cromwell Wednesday for the Travelers Celebrity Pro-Am and offered a few comments.

“I’m happy for our student-athletes, first and foremost,” Manuel said. “These kids have done a remarkable job. We have three teams with perfect scores that have been recognized (men’s golf, men’s cross country, women’s tennis). We have the majority of our teams above 975 for the year, including basketball. Lots of our teams are above 975 for a four-year rate.”

Manuel said he still holds out “A little hope” that the reporting dates will be changed soon but also said the Huskies are moving on.

“We had a couple bad years. The timing of the penalty structure was changed. That saddens me, for these kids and for our program,” Manuel said. “We’ve spoken about it and I’ll continue to fight for what I believe is right. They should have changed, they should have allowed the membership more time to adjust. And they should expedite the way they review the date and include the most recent year.”

The UConn men’s basketball team’s single-season score for 2010-11, a year in which it won a national title, was 978.

“We’re not going to let two years of bad scores who are not on this team stop us from feeling good about what these current student-athletes have done,” Manuel said.

FYI, the UConn women’s basketball team’s single-season score for 2010-11 was 976.



About Neill

Neill Ostrout covers the UConn men's basketball team for the Journal Inquirer in Manchester. He has been a member of the "Horde" for more than 16 years.
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