Huskies hunkered down

A few quick updates from the UConn men’s basketball team.

— THE HUSKIES ARE not practicing today (Friday), mainly because of the snow. They worked out Thursday morning.

The plan remains for them to bus down to New Jersey early Saturday evening in advance of Sunday’s game against Seton Hall.

Everybody participated in Thursday’s workout, a UConn spokesman said. (No major injuries, it seems).

— UCONN HEAD COACH Kevin Ollie believes the Pirates are a good team, they just haven’t finished off a few games well.

“They’re 2-8…but we could easily be 2-8,” Ollie said.

“They are a dangerous, dangerous team,” Ollie added. “We just don’t want to have them start rolling on our watch.”

— OLLIE MENTIONED THAT he might want to “make some changes” after the St. John’s game. He stressed Friday that those weren’t lineup or playing time changes.

“I’m talking about a mindset change, how we’re starting games,” Ollie said. “We have to start games better. We have to be more confident with our shots.”

— OLLIE WAS ASKED about Ryan Boatright’s rough shooting stretch.

“I just think he needs to attack the basket a little bit more,” Ollie said before quickly adding: “It’s not just Ryan. We all have to attack the basket more.”

One of the team’s biggest offensive problems lately is taking too many 3-pointers, Ollie says.

Ollie said he has plenty of time as the snow comes down to pour over loads of stats. He’s trying not to make too much of one loss, though there are some areas the Huskies must improve in.

“We’re doing some good things. I’m not about to jump off the ledge,” Ollie said.



About Neill

Neill Ostrout covers the UConn men's basketball team for the Journal Inquirer in Manchester. He has been a member of the "Horde" for more than 16 years.
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